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Courtney Halverson Styles the SteamLine Creams

Courtney Halverson is the LA-based actress and blogger extraordinaire behind Pretty Little Fawn. Explore how Courtney styles her cream SteamLine cases here!
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The Care and Keeping of Your SteamLine Case: How to Protect, Clean, and Repair Your Vintage–Inspired Luggage

Our SteamLine cases are full of character, from the moment they arrive at your front door. That character only grows with time and travel. Get tips and recommendations on how...
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How to Pack Simply & Easily with SteamLine Luggage

Here at SteamLine Luggage, we love to travel beautifully. But we know that traveling beautifully is sometimes easier said than done. When it comes to how to pack efficiently, many...
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Our Coordinated Ripstop Covers: Practical (and Pretty!) Protection for your SteamLine Case

It’s clear that SteamLine Luggage cases are expertly designed and crafted with an eye for detail. However, what you might not know is that a great deal of care is...
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Luggage for Life: A Guide to the Materials that Make Our Beauty and Quality

The vivid colors, the surprisingly light weights, the lasting durability. Unparalleled craftsmanship requires unparalleled materials. Learn all about the special materials that compose our beauty-bound suitcases & travel beautifully.
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SteamLine at Home: Decorative Storage Solutions that Embrace the Atmosphere of Travel in the Home

SteamLine Luggage has a surprising double life as stylish at-home storage and evocative decor. Get inspired for how to purpose your pretty suitcase between trips!
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Beautiful Inside and Out: The Fine Art of SteamLine Prints

While SteamLine Cases in motion are certain to earn you compliments, the conversation doesn’t stop there. The interiors of each of our cases are intricately designed and accented with beautiful,...
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SteamLine's Top Road
Trip Tips and Travel Guide

Whether you're interested in a quiet hometown staycation or planning an explorative road-trip getaway, there are a number of ways to keep health and safety in mind. We gathered some...
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Barbie Travels Beautifully with SteamLine!

We're thrilled to be part of Barbie's colorful journey to the silver screen. See how Margot Robbie and our influencers are showcasing SteamLine, Barbie-style!
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The Power of SteamLine Moments: Make Your Next Connection

Read about SteamLine Moments, the irrepressible phenomenon surrounding SteamLine Luggage. Not for the misanthropic.
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SteamLine's Holiday Gift Guide

Explore gifts that form the ultimate souvenirs.
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Grateful for Travel: Our Year Around the World

Read our founder's takeaways from her family's first year of travel around the globe!
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Inspired By Sarah Flint

Read the interview between the beloved shoe designer and our own Sara Banks for insights from two bold female founders who are dedicated to our quality of style and life.
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How SteamLine Luggage Recovered a Hacked Instagram

Over summer, the SteamLine Luggage Instagram was hacked. Luckily, we were able to get the account back, but lost all of our content. Here, we’re sharing our experience and tips...
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Inspired By Lauren Taylor: An American Artist Living an Irish Dream

Wildly Inspiring. In celebration of our newest collaboration, The Illustrator, read the interview between two Americans who’ve made Ireland home, nature-inspired artist Lauren Taylor and our own founder Sara Banks.
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Slowest Travel: Hooked on Mauritius

Learn why SteamLine's founding family of six intended to stay in Mauritius just six weeks...and might nearly be staying six months!
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Meet Five Trailblazers Who Changed Their Worlds

We are so amazed by the Trailblazing Women who inspired our one-of-a-kind luggage sticker collaboration with Annie Atkins, introduced last week. Without further ado, meet the five Trailblazing Women who changed their world.
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The Story of our Annie Atkins Luggage Stickers!

Annie Atkins, the Irish designer who has created graphic props for films like Joker and The Grand Budapest Hotel, has designed our first luggage stickers. She illuminates her meticulous art...
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Journaling: An Exploration Inside

Beautifully hand-bound in Ireland, may our first Travel Journal inspire your inner explorations until it accompanies your next adventure.
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Why the SteamLine Family is Traveling for a Year

Sara Banks embarks on a year long trip around the world along with her 4 boys and husband. Find out why they made the decision to travel, how they find...
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Inspired By John Fluevog—Maker of Unique Soles for Unique Souls

Enjoy this Q&A between shoe icon John Fluevog and our own Sara Banks, two founders with a flair for the unusual who are dedicated to authentic adventures at work and play!
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Inspired By Fathom—An American Tale

Take a walk on the slower side with Fathom's mission-driven new book, How To Travel North America (and Avoid Being a Tourist), equally inspiring as travel treatise and guide to life.
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Meet The Mini: SteamLine Luggage’s Crossbody Purse & Accessory Case

Meet the Mini, SteamLine's only purse-sized case. Designed to make an adventure of every day, the Mini offers three ways to wear, making it as practical as it is precious. Find...
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Inspired By Savannah—The People, The Place, The Pace

Embark on our Inspired By Place series, in which members of our community will capture the emotions and experiences of their first trips back to the world.
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Solo Female Travel: A Vital Journey

We have missed many people over the past year, including ourselves. Our newest blog explores the life-affirming benefits of travel and alone time, a powerful recipe for renewal and inspiration...
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The Badge of Busy: A Dangerous Way of Life—How we can lead a new generation into smarter working habits

“How do YOU balance work and personal life?” A simple question without a simple answer. SteamLine founder, Sara Banks, shares insights and meditations on why we should stop wearing the...
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Inspired By Jessica Kellgren–Fozard—Activist and Multimedia Superstar

Meet Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, a self-described deaf and disabled activist, content creator with 835K YouTube followers, and vintage lover after our own heart!
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Inspired By Kirsten Alana—Photographer Unstoppable

Read our founder's interview with Kirsten Alana, a multimedia creative and travel photographer who tells brand and human stories through the lens of her camera, and life.
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Inspired Learnings—Words of Wisdom from our Inspired By Series

Explore Words of Wisdom from the Travel Beautifully Inspired By blog series. To honor the promise of 2021, embrace some especial words of wisdom that emerged from our Inspired By interviews. Enjoy and be inspired.
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In Your Words: An In–Depth Customer Review by Monica Francis

The following is an excerpt of a comprehensive review of our cases by our customer, the wonderful Monica Francis. We are grateful to her for this candid assessment and many...
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A Reverse Study Abroad: One New Yorker's Lockdown in the Heartland

See how New York-based writer, editor, and SteamLine team member Cassandra Csencsitz lived out of her luggage for five months while plotting and pondering her family's return to NYC.
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At Home in Manchester

Onyi Moss is a self-taught photographer who crafts inspiring imagery wherever she goes. Explore Onyi's unique and impassioned style through her conversation with SteamLine Founder Sara Banks here!
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INSPIRED BY Fathom Founder Jeralyn Gerba
At Home in Brooklyn

New York native and travel editor, Jeralyn is Fathom's co-founder and editorial director and NYC's biggest fan. Learn about Jeralyn's favorite hidden Brooklyn gems and see how she Travels Beautifully here!
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INSPIRED BY Whitney Leigh Morris
At Home on Venice Beach

Whitney Leigh Morris, the woman behind The Tiny Canal Cottage®, not only travels beautifully, she lives all her messages of communal care and otherly love at home and on the...
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Going Her Own Way: How Our Founder Got Rolling

Meet Sara Banks, the founding mother of SteamLine Luggage...and four little boys! Learn what inspired her to create luggage in the first place, and the philosophy that keeps her steaming.
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If Luggage Could Talk: The Adventurous Case of Perrin Banks

Immaculately preserved or marked with character lines, your SteamLine suitcase is built to age beautifully whether or not you keep it like new. Thanks to our protective covers, the choice is always yours.
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