Product Care

Caring for your SteamLine to last a lifetime

As with any natural leather product, the appearance of your Steamline Luggage will change over time. The vegetable-tanned leather softens and often patinas depending on your own adventures around the world, and how well it is stored during your sojourns at home. These changes are entirely expected and will not affect your luggage’s functionality. In fact, in our own experience, well-used luggage is usually accompanied by a very happy traveller!
Embrace the beauty marks of travel as you and your SteamLine case adventure together.
Use your Protective Cover The Botanist Protective Cover

Use your Protective Cover

Enclosed with all of our Carry-Ons and Check-in Luggage you will find a protective rain cover for your luggage. Please use the protective cover when you need to check-in or think you might be on rougher terrain. Simply slip the cover over your case and whisk it off again when you want to attract the attention of passer-by and fellow travel companions.

Cleaning your case The Editor Collection

Cleaning your case

To clean your case, please wipe clean with a soft damp cloth. Always choose an appropriate cleaning material so as not to discolour the case exterior. Strong cleaners or abrasive products are not recommended. Gently dry the surface if excess water is on your luggage for any lengthy period of time.

For the linen in The Editor collection, you can use a foam shoe or upholstery cleaner to gently rub out any dirt or debris from the linen fibers. 

For our Pasco fibreboard collections (The Starlet, Correspondent, Sweetheart, Industrialist, Illustrators) scuff marks can be removed from the exterior with a neutral color gum eraser.

Spillage of liquids inside the case should be cleaned as soon as possible with a dry absorbent cloth. Although our poly-satin linings are very easy to keep clean and care for, if not dried immediately, excess liquids may stain or discolour the lining or affect the shape of the case.

Removing Airline Stickers The Diplomat Collection

Removing Airline Stickers

Airlines love a badly placed stubborn sticker! We advise being careful when removing travel/ airline communication stickers as these can tear the surface of your case. We recommend using a hairdryer on strong adhesives such as airline stickers to gently loosen and remove stickers from your Steamline luggage. Stubborn or sticky glue residue can be safely removed using a simple alcohol like isopropyl. A test patch is highly recommended before total application

Storing your Steamline Luggage The Sweetheart Collection

Storing your Steamline Luggage

When not in use, ideally stand your empty case in an upward position rather than on its side. If flat, please refrain from laying heavy objects upon the exterior especially when empty. Heavy pressure on top of an empty suitcase can misalign the luggage and affect the lock alignment. Please ensure that the case is not crammed into a space where deformation may occur when empty.

The dust bag provided with your luggage is recommended if storing out of sight.
It is also best to avoid leaving heavy items inside the suitcase for extended periods of time. Doing so may affect the shape or cause damage to the suitcase. 

You can store blankets, towels, or seasonal clothing in your luggage. This will actually help keep the shape in tack when in storage for long periods.

Steamline cases are best stored in a cool, well-ventilated place. Do not allow your Steamline to be exposed to direct sunlight, high temperatures or damp. Doing so may affect the shape and/or the paint finish. 

And remember, the best part about SteamLine is its eye-catching, photogenic quality! SteamLine is one of the few luggage brands in that world that you needn’t store out of sight when not on the move. See our SteamLine at Home page for inspiration!

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